How To Properly Sand A Wood Deck Floor

If you have a wood deck, you will want to hire Floor deck sanding Brisbane specialist to properly sand the wood floor or know common tips to do it yourself.  If you are going to power wash your deck, you need to look at sanding it afterward and then staining and sealing the floor.  If you do not sand the floor, the wood fibers which have become raised will cause splinters.

Knowing The Sandpaper To Use

Before you start sanding the deck floor, you need to consider the sandpaper you are going to use.  Not all sandpaper is the same and you need to have the correct finish after sanding.  When you sand interior wood, smoother will generally be better, but this is not the case with exterior wood.

This is why you should look at using sandpaper with a grit of 60 to 80.  You should not use sandpaper with a grit of more than 100 as this will result in a smoother surface.  When the wood is too smooth, the pores will start to close down and this could reduce the absorption rates of stains and sealers.  When using a hand sander, you should apply medium pressure and check that the appearance of the wood remains even.

Know The Wood

The type of wood that makes up your deck floor will impact how you sand it.  Hardwood decks which have warped will need to be passed over a few times when you sand them.  It is recommended that you use a coarse 20 grit sandpaper for the first pass on these decks.  However, if you have a softwood deck, you do not have to take such aggressive treatment particularly if the wood has not warped.

For softwood decks, you can start sanding with a 50 grit sandpaper.  Of course, you will not have to pass over the wood as many times as you would with hardwood.

Clean After Sanding

Once you have sanded an area of the deck, it is important that you clean the dust off the floor.  To do this, you can either vacuum the deck or use a leaf blower.  Of course, you need to ensure that you will not cause any problems for your neighbors before you use a leaf blower on the dust.

Fill Holes And Cracks

If the deck floor has any deep scratched, cracks or holes, you need to take the time to fill them.  Epoxy wood filler can be used and you will be able to purchase this from most home improvement stores.  You will need to use a putty knife to apply the filler and scrape it flat.  You have to allow the filler to cure before you continue.

Sand The Deck Again

Once the filler has cured, you will need to sand the deck again.  You should look at using a finer sandpaper, but should not go above 80 grit.  The fine sandpaper will remove the excess wood filler and any other scratches.  You will then have to clean off the dust before you stain and seal the floor.